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LeftRing excessively swearing By RalzSayz 1 100
Dragonfan96 Moderator
Jan 26, 19
Mod abuse? By PlazmaVolt (12) 11 494
ToxicWaste48 Admin
Jan 18, 19
Staff not listening By pottues 6 215
ToxicWaste48 Admin
Jan 18, 19
Staff Favouritism ? By toxicmeow 2 146
ToxicWaste48 Admin
Jan 18, 19
NuxIsBack By CloudsDaddy 0 188
Dec 28, 18
staff muted me without probable reason and watched as ignor...
By MadPimp
8 634
Oct 15, 18
Space_Meaw Player Report By DruryLane 2 532
Sep 7, 18
Player Report ~ JDK319 By AwfulWaffel101 1 457
Aug 14, 18
Player In Survival 2 requesting antisematic material.
3 649
Aug 14, 18
chewily chat logs By spawn2081 2 441
Muted permanently By Phluphee 4 511
Aug 4, 18
Jessobelle By Chewiy 8 641
Jul 21, 18
Moved: Staff and Player Scuffle (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: High_Rider25 Advertising servers & Threatening (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Brielle9owl advertising (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: flamingfire2025 spamming (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: WonderNightFury Spamming chat (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: rollerbackpack report (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Reporting (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Jessobelle AGAIN and more including Nunyer (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: FishMAN999 (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: [Survival - Server 1] Report | Pirkulator Player Tricking (Moved to Denied)
Moved: [Survival - Server 1] Report | AMSFrosty15-. Spamming Chat (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: [Survival Server 1] Enderking0418 Report Disconnect/Connect... (Moved to Denied)
Moved: Glitch exploiter (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Staff Favoritism, Threats , Mini-modding, and abuse of powe... (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Racism (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Uptight & Abusive Staff (Moved to Denied)
Moved: Doc's going on vacation - please don't delete me (Moved to General Discussion)
Moved: Player Report (Moved to Denied)
Moved: Report Player- Jfaz3 (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: ItsBo Report (Moved to Accepted)
Moved: Kicked repeatedly from the discord server (Moved to Denied)