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HubbaBubba1213's Ban Appeal

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Hello I am HubbaBubba1213 I was banned by Bodyarts. My date of ban is September 10, 2018. My reason of ban is for stealing, I think I should be unbanned because I did not steal, and mostly because i logged on and i was banned for what reason of stealing which I have no recall of and if I did it was most likely a mistake of returning something. Please If Istole it was a mistake or glitch I would never steal I promise. If it was a accident or glitch steal I wish I could go on and return what I stole which I have no recall of, and Thank you for your time of reading this. -HubbaBubba1213
Posted Sep 10, 18 · OP
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Retired Staff
I've witnessed the large amount of evidence and will deny this. Appeal needs to be written in the correct format next time.
Posted Sep 17, 18