Ever wanted to needed a place to live but don't know where? Well you can always live at the Dragon' Den!

You'll have access to :
  • 10x10 plot to build and setup your belongings and make a house of you're own.
  • 7x7 market plot to have a chest-shop with other citizens within the dragon's den
  • Full access to farming and a animal mob pen (free-food area) for you're needs (WIP)

You're only requirements are:
  • Please Remain semi-active, (7 days dormancy and you'll be asked to leave)
  • Please follow server rules, and common sense
  • From time to time i'll ask my citizens to collect resources for building projects, I wont ask for too much, however if you fail to contribute often you'll be given 1 strike

    I have a 3 strike policy, when you break our town's rules you're amenities to the town will be taken away
    I'll strike messages will be sent view /mail and a sign in your plot
    • 1st Strike - You're access to farm plots & market plots are revoked for 1d
    • 2nd Strike - You're access to all amenities are revoked for 3d
    • 3rd Strike - You'll be given 2d to collect all items you have before being evicted*

      * - If you are unable to claim belongings please let me know on discord (Thru DMs)

    Care to join? Great! Its open to anyone that wants to join you'd just need to apply!
    (You can also message me on discord or in-game)
    Username | IGN:
    Discord tag (ex: Dragonfan96#0073 ):
    What jobs do you have?:
    When are you mostly online Ferox (Via your Timezone):