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The power of GOLD

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Yes, Im talking about the Minecraft,vanilla in-game gold ingots, they are such a powerful material when you think about it. when I took a break from MC just the other day, I thought to myself about the genius, brilliant Minecraft villager trading system, that is often used for one single thing; Enchanted books. Now, that's still an amazing use of the system but when you think about it,this system is a whole massive converting line of cheaps into goods!Think about it this way, on Ferox, with a bit of MCMMO magic, you can convert gold ingots into any other expensive, shiny ore that tickles your fancy! like lapis, emerald (Duh), redstone, and yes, even diamonds, with a bit of luck, ("Tiny bit of grinding") and the right villagers for the trading job you could do all that! Here, look at the trading table on the "Official Minecraft Wiki" - https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Trading , see? you can make gold into emeralds by trading with a cleric, buy lapis, or redstone from him with the emeralds you just got, OR you can trade the emeralds with a weapon smith, and if you did that on your lucky day, you might just find one that would sell you a diamond axe, that could be the salvaged (this is where the MCMMO part comes in) giving you at least one shiny diamond FOR ONLY 9 EMERALDS! (or at least 72 gold ingots)~ ;-; maybe its not that good after all. Oh well, Im writing this just to spread a quick tip out there, that its a good use for you already OP spawners and grinders :d.
Posted Dec 1, 18 · OP
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Clerics Smiths and Farmers are the biggest villager trade options for getting the most out of getting emeralds

Liberians are second best if you have enough sugarcane to farm/grind for..

The true beauty to Villagers is what you can do that's still vanilla but modifying say a villager trade
to well trade anything really but trading something reasonable items such as some wood for charcoal
charcoal to coal, coal to iron etc. Which is possible, but tedious and somewhat off-topic.

It really is RNG luck on what you'll get for converting ores to emeralds then back into more ores
and with mcMMO salvage would be your best friend
Posted Dec 2, 18
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I hate mcmmo salvage because I can't disable it and I almost lost a Power X bow to it, but it was only saved because my Salvage level was too low to repair damaged items (damaged by 1).
Posted Dec 5, 18