In July 2018, on Survival 2, a player named SuperForge1234 invited me to live by his house. We were in a valley surrounded by mountains. Phantom Valley. From there, as I gained my bearings on the server, I became the leader of a small town starting there. Several players joined the town over the months. Cookie_Wookie_7, lizlein1, gabieplays, ClearingBongo, Firestar327, sabrinarobbie77, Ghostcrafter090, chanyjuju, shena999.
Phantom Valley
Phantom Valley's claim to fame was probably its mountains. The mountain range forms a ring around the valley with few openings. But then we found an End portal near town. We now boast the title "The End Connection" proudly. Along with our substantial natural features in our town, we also have a nether portal, a fairly strong animal farm, a fishing lake, beacons, ocean access, and more to come.
Later in the ages, after he made his Scottish castle, Ghostcrafter090 decided that he wanted to expand the town. We decided to make a second one, down the river. It is located in the East of Phantom Valley. It has some buildings, mostly as temples and storage. We also made an official Roldem Miners' Building and a pumpkin farm. I convinced shena999 to make a secondary base here as well. There are 10 empty plots that are the first thing seen when crossing the bridge on the land route. We plan to expand this section as well.
Points of Interest
Valley Wall: 20134 76 -8286
Community Chests: 20116 80 -8301
Public Farms: 20146 80 -8343
Phantom Valley Core: 20087 83 -8410
Fishing Lake: 20067 89 -8446
Spire: 19994 90 -8581
Nether Portal: 20134 67 -8244
End Portal: 20276 41 -8284
Ancient Ruins: 20265. 74 -8246
Roldem Outpost: 20374 86 -8339
Roldem Core: 20514 71 -8406
More Information
Location: 20179 77 -8270
Warp: PhantomValley (There is a possibility that a warp for Roldem may appear).
Leaders: RSdabeast and Ghostcrafter090
Sign Up: To join the town, contact me in-game (IGN: RSdabeast) or on Discord @RSdabeast#6285.