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in the northen hemisphere winter is retreating slowly and spring is on the horizon you can smell it in the winds.
so i dub the idea of enacting a new plugin for the mass;'s . i dont know how where when or who..... its an idea only . it may have to be made from scratch. but the ability to climb or Cling to things.... perhaps... some form of special gear or a special device.................... A grappeling hook. would be sufficient. reason i bring this up is have noticed.. my own brain asking me .... (wtf?) when i sit on a staircase thats set upon a block thats 2 blocks high without any perks (enchants) you cant reach behind the staiir your sitting on... but logicly in the mind the body be able to do so simply... just a small step towards realism... a giant leep in development.. (alwayse thinking of those without while i have what i have.)
Posted Feb 4, 19 · OP
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your like all over the place with this post lol
Posted Feb 4, 19