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I got banned xD

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Minecraft Username: SoggyWafflezs
Who banned you: ToxicWaste48
Date of ban: 1/17/19
The reason for ban: Ban Evasion
Why should you be unbanned: So, my brother was banned and he wanted me to try to get him unbanned. So, I told ToxicWaste48 that my brother was banned and he just banned me.
Additional Comments: Although it was a while ago I may have referred to it as my alt. (I cant remember) But they would've known the IP if it was MINE right? Also, on the page that says i'm banned, it doesn't display the correct website.

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Posted Feb 7, 19 · OP
ToxicWaste48 Admin
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Hey SoggyWafflezs,

You were banned for ban evasion after logging on to the game whilst the other person on your ip was banned (PurpleStrip), As you mentioned you had referred to it as your alt which is why you were banned, This ban was a while ago however I cannot remember you telling me it was your brothers. If it is him that is banned.. then id need evidence of it to my discord pms, Katsopolis#3249,However seeing as you had previously mentioned it being your alt, and without evidence that one account is your brothers. I will be denying this appeal.

This appeal is DENIED
Posted Feb 8, 19