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Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username:Mrkuby29
Who banned you:dragonfan96
Date of ban:2019-03-11
Reason of ban:nuke, fasbreak
Why should you be unbanned:i don't expect to actually be unbanned, but i was using Vivecraft to quickly break the blocks with the movement of my hands, undoubtably a little bit OP, but not technically a hacked client and applicable to the rules.
Additional Comments:Here is a video of what i was doing (did'nt work as well on the server because of the anti-cheat but still broke blocks faster than normal) I Hope this will help put more light into the situation and maybe alleviate my sentence : https://youtu.be/xsHz0J9QQ2I
Posted Mar 12, 19 · OP
Dragonfan96 Moderator
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Hello MrKuby29, Thank you for making appeal, you were banned for hacking a 30d Ban for Fast-Break//Nuker
In our Rules it states that Hacked clients are not allowed:
4.1 Making use of any of the features in a hacked client are NOT allowed. "

In the evidence below Myself and another Moderator watched you break leaves rather fast for punch leaves on their own as it would have a destroy particle to break however these instabreak, Furthermore, you seemed to snap from leave block to leave block when mining similar AI to how Nuker is used in most Hacked Clients.

The evidence for Both myself and the moderator,whom can make their own post on their side of what they witness can respond to state their case and management will make a final verdict on your appeal of a 30d ban being fair or revoked/reduced. We thank again for appealing, Have a Wonderful day!


Evidence: Click me!
Posted Mar 12, 19
RedHead_55 Moderator
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I will also be replying to this post, over the past few days you've been pining the AC system and I always kept an eye but I didn't notice it at all until today, you were pinging for fast break today which I actually did notice but you've also ping'd for, speed, flight, and fast place, I noticed/saw/recorded these as I didn't see you were. Below is my evidence. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Posted Mar 12, 19
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After reviewing the evidence provided, I have decided to give out more footage from my side to show what the experience is actually like in survival, on a server as the footage I gave out before was taken in a singleplayer creative world. as you can see the vivecraft developers have decided that breaking leaves with no tools is done in TWO punches which is reasonably fair but can be done in anywhere from near instantly to 3-4 seconds depending on your own movements. doing it TOO fast causes the block to reappear (the packets don't go through) so with a bit of practice, you get a feel for the correct fastest rhythm. I'm guessing the head snapping to the different leaf blocks would be that time between the first and the second hit where the client is sending the "punching xx block" information in order to achieve a "normal enough" look from the server's point of view. this could be remedied by installing the server plugin for vivecraft which would show exactly what VR players are doing with their arms to the rest of the server and avoid pinging the anti-cheat all the time.

Again, i don't expect this information to really do anything as to my ban, I was stupid and should've asked wether or not i was allowed to use VR, but i hope it helps pin down the source of the problem.

Finally, here is the link to the footage: https://youtu.be/cKAGJy5R91Q

Have a wonderful day.
Posted Mar 13, 19 · OP
ToxicWaste48 Admin
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Hey Kuby,

Drood and I have reviewed and discussed your application as I needed a second opinion. We have agreed to give you another chance however you MUST NOT use that software on our server again, If we catch you using this software again, you will be banned again.

This appeal has been Accepted

Posted Mar 13, 19
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