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standard appeal

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Minecraft Username: lamborgg

Who banned you:dragonfan96

Date of ban: 3/13/2019

Reason of ban: greifing/spamming/scamming: traps are not allowed on the server [2nd offense]

Why should you be unbanned: i built the trap to test operation in survival, im making a faction on the server ExtremeCraft (no advertising intended) and want some traps to loot people on there [which it is allowed there] but dont have many supplies on there.

since i have lots of resources on here i decided to build a test model of the trap

Additional Comments: as previously stated: NO intension of using the trap to steal users contents from them

logged off as i went onto my ps4, then came back to see banned outa nowhere
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Posted Mar 13, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 14, 19 by ToxicWaste...
Dragonfan96 Moderator
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Hello Lamborgg, We thank you for taking the time for making an appeal, Your punishment was a 10d ban for Making a Player trap
"3.1 Griefing, raiding and scamming is NOT allowed.
This means you cannot steal from or destroy other players work. EVEN if the work is not claimed. You must also respect the players area. If they ask you to leave or to not build near them listen to them.

The evidence below, is an imgur album showcasing the trap and its fucntionality as well as a collection system thas built by you with Core Protect.. If you wantted to build a player trap as a test you should've done this in Single Player on a superflat Creative world instead of a server that could get you banned, All items involved of this trap was removed. Even if the Trap wasnt used it still shouldnt be built regardless.

Our Management Team, shall make a final verdict on your appeal and verify if the punishment was fit for this rule broke. We thank you again for make an appeal, Have a wonderful Day/evening

-Dragon, Ferox Staff

Evidence: Click Here for Evidence!
Posted Mar 13, 19
ToxicWaste48 Admin
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Hello Lamborgg,

Seeing as this is a grief trap and you did build it on our server, the ban is remaining. If you know grief traps are allowed on that server you should know they arent allowed here. A player stumbled across yours when doing /rtp. You also had a rail cart system set up to take the items to next to your house which is convenient place to put it if you wanted to access the drop items easier.
I do not believe this is a test system.I also know this is not your first offence of grief.

This ban appeal is Denied

Posted Mar 14, 19