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I believe I was banned unfairly

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I was recently banned on Feroxmc ( IGN is Entropy0804 ) and I believe it was for an unjust reason. I was banned for 'Continuous Racism'. I partook in the writing of a meme '#droodisblack' and had no ill intent. There was also no implication of drood being black being a bad thing or good ( personally I would say good if said person really is, but I am also not implying being white or any other race is bad ). It was neutral. I also don't think saying 'continuous racism' was fair because I said it once and then did spelling corrections for my second one ( I misspelled the word sorry ). I also was not warned once for anything pertaining to the subject I was banned for. I will admit that I had gotten warned previously by people like ( the staff whose name starts with an 'N' sorry I can't remember their name ) for putting to many 'H's in my 'shh'. Through this ban appeal I would like to see if I could either get unbanned and possibly escape with a warning or even just get my ban shortened. I just started spring break and I am very saddened that I cannot play on my new favorite server. Also, I don't have access to screenshots because *cough* *cough* toxic INSTABANNED me.
Thanks for considering it,
Entropy <3
Posted Sat at 03:16 · OP
ToxicWaste48 Admin
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Please appeal using the correct format.

Posted Sat at 03:17