Ferox is a semi-vanilla survival server running on the version 1.12.2.The server primarily focuses on giving the players a unique and professional survival experience. We have many features to make us contrast from other servers.Some of these features are jobs, art maps, heads, custom enchants, mob spawner progression, daily treasures, market plots, marriage, quests, bosses, fishing events, player controlled economy and lots more!Come check us out at play.feroxsurvival.net!

As many of you already probbaly know by now, Skyblock was recently accounced to the community that it will be coming to Ferox in the future. This post will not cover much regarding Skyblock as most of it is being covered over on the Skyblock Development discord server. Where you can find accouncements, the FAQ, feature polls, confirmed features and the development progress bar. You can also discuss new ideas and submit your ideas to be potentially added into Skyblock on Ferox!

There is also a Skyblock Island competition that ends on August 17th where players can submit their own Skyblock design for the winning one to be added to the server as an island for everyone to use when it launches. 

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/prbX754