Today we have began updating the server to 1.13.2! We will only be updating Survival 1 and Survival 2 for now as we are still waiting for the Bskyblock plugin to release a stable version.

We will be starting with Survival 1! The world conversion and back up could take up to a total of 2 days which means S1 will not be playable for around 2 days. However you will still be able to play on S2. Once S1 has converted the conversion of S2 will start.

We are having to remove some features of the server to move to 1.13, here is a list
• Marriage
• Linking items in chat
• Entity Clear
• /pvp

However we are also brining back an old plugin following the update which is the Art plugin!

There will not be any sort of reset when updating the server so you won lose any items or builds

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Discord

Following the 1.13 update will come a lot of the Christmas features like the Christmas spawns, Christmas crate, Advent calendar and more!

RSdabeast Looks like good stuff
Lhipz19 Yes 1.13.2 :d